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Personal Philosophy: “Inspire Hope!”

I want everything I say, think, and do, to make a positive difference in the world, therefore I commit to live in such a way that I inspire hope in others.

Mission Statement

My mission is to teach, lead, and model what it means to live out of the abundance of God’s grace.

Legacy Statement

Life on earth is finite and it should not be wasted in pursuit of the ordinary. When my earthly life has ended and my family and friends consider my contributions to the world, I want my legacy to be:

 Intimacy with our God
 A loving family
 Good humor
 Kindness toward all people

Code of Ethics

My aim in life if to always…

Love Passionately – It is my best opportunity to influence the world and fulfill my legacy.
Lead Courageously – It allows me to move beyond my comfort zone.
Live Optimistically – It allows me to overcome difficulties and leads others to do likewise.
Learn Daily – It will enable me to work more effectively and prevent mediocrity.
Labor Effectively – It will insure both high quality and plentiful productively from my work.
Listen Attentively – It allows me to lead, learn from, and love others.
Speak Honestly – It will prevent confusion and project credibility.
Play Joyfully – It will insure that I do not take myself too seriously.

Core Values


Love is an action word of tremendous power that can change the world, so I freely share it with everyone without reservation or conditions.

I will maintain the commitment to always aim at doing what is right.

Since good health benefits everything else in my life, I will eat a proper diet, exercise regularly, and make adequate time for rest and relaxation.

Self Development

Since the world is changing at a rapid pace, I must continually take advantage of opportunities for personal development.


I will model the attitude of Jesus who lived as a servant-leader, rather than an empire builder.


I will not try to make people grow or change, but will create an environment where growth and change can flourish in their and God’s good timing.


I seek to be a part of Spirit-led ministry teams.

Dependence on God

I take risks and act with courageous faith.


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