Seven Tips to Accomplishing More Every Day of Your Life!

After complaining that I had “too little time” to do all the things that “needed to be done,” a mentor said:

“You have the same amount of time per day that everyone else has…24 hours. You don’t need more time. What you need is the discipline to use the time you’ve got more wisely.”

With this in mind, here are seven tips that have equip me to accomplish more each day of my life. These tips will work for you too!

1) PLAN EACH DAY. The last thing you should do each evening (or the first thing you do in the morning) should be to create a “task list” for the upcoming day. Your list will help you set priorities and keep focused throughout the day. In addition to planning each day, I also suggest weekly, monthly, and yearly planning with your life’s purpose statement and goals in hand. (If you need help developing your life’s purpose and/or goals statement, see my five part series titled: CARPE DIEM: HOW TO SQUEEZE THE LIFE OUT OF LIFE by visiting <>)

2) ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE. One of life’s greatest time wasters is a cluttered office or messy living space. How often have you wasted valuable time trying to find that memo, contract, your wallet, or even your car keys. Follow the old adage that says, “Everything has a place and everything should be in its place!” Get your life organized.

3) DON’T BE A MAIL PACK-RAT! I recently visited a friend’s office and noticed several piles of mail cluttering his desk. Instead of filing, responding to, or trashing these mailing, he instead seemed to simply sort through them every few days, shifting the stacks from one place to another on his desk. Avoid this time waster and you’ll accomplish more each day.

4) UTILIZE ALL AVAILABLE TIME. How? Start by taking a book with you wherever you go. When you find yourself waiting–in the doctor’s office, for a appointment to commence, or for your car to be repaired, try increasing your knowledge by reading that book. In addition, while driving your car, don’t waste time listening to the “fluff” that fills the airwaves. Instead listen to teaching and/or motivational tapes in your car.

5) DEVELOP HEALTHY HABITS. The body needs adequate rest, proper nutrition, and energetic exercise to fight off fatigue and extend life. Give your body what it needs and your have the energy to accomplish much more with your life. Get an adequate nights sleep. Eat a healthy diet. Exercise regularly. Your energy level will increase and you will reap the benefit by accomplishing more each day.

6) AVOID ENERGY STEALERS. Do you know people like that? Do you know individual’s whose attitudes literally suck the life out of you? Then make it a practice to avoid any contact with these people that is not absolutely necessary.

7) BLOW UP YOUR TELEVISION. If you are not willing to part with your television completely (I’m not either)then we should at least learn which button turns the set off…and then develop the courage to use that button (often). Spend that time playing with your children, reading a book, or spending time with your spouse.

You only have 24 hour allotted each day. Use them wisely!

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