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All About Success only recommend products and information that we own or have otherwise personally checked out ourselves . For doing so we may receive compensation. The information on this website is opinion, based on personal research and experience.

Please understand that NO coaching or personal development resource is perfect.  This includes the resources found on All About Success.  In fact, some of the resources on All About Success might contain ideas to which we might not fully subscribe.

You, also, may find that some of the resources and information on All About Success are not in full agreement with your philosophical, sociological, political, or theological convictions.  We will not imply otherwise . only that we have found these resources useful.  That, and it is our personal conviction that an educated person is one who is exposed to a wide range of thoughts and opinions, even those with which he or she might not fully agree with.

All that said, MANY (though not all) of the resources reviewed on this All About Success will approach coaching and personal development from a decidedly grace oriented Christian perspective.  No apologies are made for that.  I am a Christian pastor by profession and those whom I coach generally share this same conviction.

And just in case you were looking for a quick fix to your life (or any other kind of FIX) understand that this is NOT the aim of this site.  There is NO level of personal, professional,healthy, or financial success is guaranteed or even implied at All About Success. Results are unique. Your results will vary.

Always consult a qualified professionals when making decisions related to your health, finances, or professional behavior.

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