Don’t Try To Be My Sugar-Daddy!

When you marry a “southern girl” (like I did) you learn a brand new vocabulary! I heard an interesting phrase from my “southern born” wife. Commenting on a man who left his wife for a “younger woman,” Jeana said: “That woman doesn’t love him! She’s just looking for a ‘sugar-daddy’ to pay her credit card bills!”

Isn’t that the approach many marketers take when looking to recruit others into their business venture? How many times a day do you get junk email from people offering (in essence) to be your “sugar-daddy?” Here’s just a few examples of these offers in my email box from time to time:

“Guaranteed $90,246.00 in 60 Days or Less!”

“Let Me Build Your Downline for YOU!”

“I’ll do ALL THE WORK–>YOU keep ALL the MONEY!”

“Get 10,000 in Your Downline OverNight With Our ‘System!'”

“Massive Advertising About To Begin: Join Now For Spillover!”

Aren’t you sick of it?

Aren’t you tired of all that *sham and scam spam* that promises unlimited riches, without work, virtually overnight?

It certainly bugs me. Here’s why?

1. These offers appeal the lower-self.

The people who want to be your “sugar-daddy” try to entice you to believe that that only thing that matters is the acquisition of more wealth. For those who desire to be your “sugar-daddy” things like ethics, values, morals, and just plain good manners don’t matter. What matters “mo money, mo money, mo money!”

Don’t you wish that somebody would appeal to your higher-self? Don’t you wish that somebody would appeal to your desire to help, build, and create something of lasting value? Isn’t wealth earned helping others much more enjoyable that simply getting rich? Aren’t you one of those people who still think that ethics, values, morals, and good manners really do matter?

2. These offers also assume that you are basically lazy.

Those who want a “sugar-daddy” probably are rather lazy. You’re not, are you? Check out the truly successful business builders in the world (both online and off) and you will discover that they are all hard-working and industrious individuals–and they encourage and expect that same type of effort in their partners. These men and women realize that building a successful business requires an honest and consistent effort.

3. These opportunities don’t work!

Here’s the final problem with the “sugar-daddy” approach to marketing. It just plain doesn’t work. If you’ve ever been caught up in one of these ventures, you’ll know that the only people who are getting any wealthier are the few scoundrels at the top who thought up the darn thing.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of those “opportunities” that don’t work, aren’t ethical, promote laziness, and appeal to the darker side of human

Give me something that works. Give me something that can make a positive difference in somebody’s life.

This is not just good advice for marketing – it’s good advice for all aspects of life. Want to experience success in your career, in your family, in your community? Then don’t just sit around waiting for somebody to fly in and make your life what you want. Don’t wait for a “sugar-daddy.” Get rid of the entitlement mentality and get to work.

Don’t Try To Be My Sugar-Daddy! I don’t need one! You don’t either, do you? You are a hard-working and industrious individual who is willing to work to succeed, right? Then here’s what I invite you to do! The next time somebody offers to “build your business for you” and “make you rich,” tell them that you don’t need a “sugar daddy!”


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