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I have a rather extensive collection of personal development resources from some of the biggest names in the field.  Many of them have proven to be quite helpful.  Right now, I have to put Noah St. John’s book at the top of that list.

The bread and butter of most development resources involves changing our perspective on self and life.  They teach us through hypnosis, NLP tricks and techniques, and personal affirmations to flip the coin from negative self talk toward positive self talk.

The problem for many of us is disbelief.  We can repeat “I am rich!” till the cows come home, but if we really do not belief that, all that “positive affirmation” stuff simply won’t turn the trick.

This is further compounded by the fact that most of us spend a great deal of time asking ourselves disempowering questions.

“Why is my life such a mess?”  “Why do I never have enough money?”  “Why am I poor?”

When we ask ourselves disempowering, negative questions…we get disempowering, negative answers.

Noah teaches us to ask empowering-positive questions:

“Why do I always seem to have it altogether?”  “Why do I have enough money?”  “Why am I rich?”

Even a person with no money in the bank or zero in their investment accounts can find reasons to feel and know they are rich!

Noah builds on this foundation and offering specific instructions on how to build a better life as you ask these types of empowering questions.

There is lots of talk about manifesting wealth, health, and happiness.  Most of the time these types of conversations can seem to the uninitiated to be hocus-pocus, magic, now I am going to “win the lottery” types of things because the cash is just going to start flowing in.  Noah makes clear that this is NOT what he is talking about.  Rather, when you have a more positive view of your life and the world, you begin to see that it is flourishing with opportunity.

Maybe it is as simple as a “self-fulfilling prophecy.”  If you are set on seeing the worst, you’ll find it.  If you are conditioned on seeing the best, you’ll likely find that, too.  This book aims to help us see the better and the best…and in my opinion, it hits the mark.


The Book of Afformations: Discovering the Missing Piece to Abundant Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness
by: Noah St. John
publisher: Hay House, published: 2013-08-20
ASIN: 1401944140
EAN: 9781401944148
sales rank: 14582
price: $11.11 (new), $10.58 (used)

Did you know that asking a new kind of question can immediately change your life?
One morning in 1997, college student Noah St. John was in the shower when he asked himself a question that changed his life: “Why are we trying to change our lives saying statements we don’t believe . . . when the human mind responds automatically to something even more powerful?”
That’s when he invented the stunningly simple yet amazingly effective method he named Afformations—a method that’s since helped tens of thousands of people around the world to attract more money, lose hundreds of pounds, find their soul mates, grow their business, and dramatically improve their lives.
THE BOOK OF AFFORMATIONS® isn’t just another book on abundance. It’s a proven step-by-step guidebook to living the life of your dreams. Inside this book, you’ll discover…
  • The 4 simple steps to reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible (page 35)
  • How an unhappy employee went from penniless to a six-figure income in less than 6 months using this method (page 94)
  • The 5-word phrase that will attract your desires to you while you’re not even paying attention (page 53)
  • The 10 words that will help you lose 10 pounds—and keep it off! (page 51)
  • How to quit smoking and overcome depression without drugs or therapy (page 154)
  • How to think like a millionaire in less than 5 minutes a day (page 197)
Following the same method, you’ll also learn…
  • What The Belief Gap is and why it’s keeping you stuck (page 10)
  • How a struggling insurance salesman increased his income by 560% in less than a year—and found the love of his life—using Noah’s system (page 26)
  • How to quit smoking and overcome depression without drugs or therapy (page 154)
  • What they told you about The Law of Attraction that’s just flat out wrong (page 20)
  • The 2 most effective questions of all time, and the 1 question you should never ask (page 152)
  • How to create instant superstar performance in yourself and everyone in your organization (page 203)
  • And that’s just the beginning…
Are you ready to join The Afformations Revolution?


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  2. Hi Bill: Noah St. John here, thank you very much for your review of my new Book of Afformations from Hay House.

    I’m delighted you are enjoying Afformations.

    Your readers can also get the first 2 chapters of The Book of Afformations free at

    Keep me posted and keep afforming!

    Talk soon,

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