False Evidence Appearing Real


FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

Evidence is what is evident in my reality.

What Appears as evidence, I see as Real.

When reality appears to be real, FEAR appears to be real.

In my reality, I make fear real when I feel that it is real.

So, how can Real Evidence Appearing Real, be False?

The reason that it is false and not true is that I have made it up.

I have made it real with my thinking and my beliefs.

The focus of my thinking becomes my Reality.

When I focus my attention on fear, it becomes my reality and I experience it as real.

When I become fearless, I do not give it another thought.

When I no longer give it another thought, it ceases to have power and no longer exists.

When it no longer appears, it is no longer real and there is no longer any evidence of it in my life.

The Intensity of Fear

The intensity of my fear is relative to the intensity of my belief.

A fear is the effect of the belief that causes it.

The more intense my conviction in the truth of my belief, the more intense will be my fear.

The less intense my opinion of the truth of my belief, the less fear I will encounter.

As I change the intensity of my belief, I change the intensity of my fear.

A strong conviction creates a strong resistance to whatever I fear, to the extent that I can become paralysed by it.

A conviction follows an accusation and a judgment of what I believe is its cause.

When I judge the cause to be outside of myself, I blame it, convict it, condemn it, and lock my belief in the fear away in my sub-conscious mind where it manifests as my reality.

When I see the cause to be my own belief system, I can confront the belief, challenge the belief, change the belief and dispel the fear instantly.

Fear is just a ‘spell’ of my own experience waiting to be either re-experienced, or dispelled & expelled as false evidence appearing to be real.

The Need for Fear

There is no Need for Fear.

Fear & Need work hand-in-hand to create a belief in evil.

Whatever I fear, I believe to be evil. Without fear, there is no evil. Without need, there is no fear.

My fear is re-inforced by whatever I believe that I need emotionally.

Whatever I need emotionally is created by my fear of not having it.

When I do not fear not having something, I do not need it.

I have learned to need something because I have learned to fear not having it.

I can get rid of my emotional need temporarily by meeting my emotional need.

To become permanently free and unattached from my emotional needs, I am required to become free of fear.

The more fearless that I become, the less I need emotionally.

The more emotional power that I have, the less fear I experience.

I will experience needing emotional power as long as I have a fear of not having enough.

When I eliminate the belief, I eliminate the fear, I eliminate the emotional need and I eliminate the need for my fear.

I eliminate all of the false evidence that is appearing to be my reality.

Keith Collins

The Inner Coach

December 2011

Life Coaching for Personal Spiritual Development & Growth

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