Why You Should Create a Coaching Program

Some of my clients often ask me this question. They want to know why they need to create coaching programs when they can just make money by selling eBooks and other low-end information products. Well, although designing and selling coaching programs is overwhelming and sometimes, stressful, it’s definitely worth a shot. You see, when you offer this type of programs, you’re taking another step in establishing and strengthening your expert status in your niche. As you know, only authorities are selling this type of product online. If you’re considered a go-to person in your niche, you can easily sell just about anything. That means, you’ll be able to double or even triple your eBook sales and boost your revenue by up to a hundredfold. Also, coaching programs have way bigger tag prices compare to low-end and middle-end products. So, if you manage to create and sell them, it’ll be a serious boost in your income.

One thing that I’d like to stress out is that creating and selling coaching programs can be learned and eventually, mastered. Just like with other endeavor, it’s only difficult in the beginning. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it much easier and even enjoyable. The keys here are determination and commitment.

Here’s a simple guide for you to start creating your first coaching program:

1. First, I would suggest that you start by designing email coaching programs for a simple reason that it’s less complicated compare to face-to-face or phone coaching. If you’re already written eBooks or recorded audio products, you’ll find this one a piece of cake.

2. Look for materials you can use for your content. Review the eBooks that you’ve published and identify those ones that sold like hotcakes. Their topics are the best ones to discuss on your email coaching. Use their content and add more in-depth information so you’ll be able to give your clients their money’s worth.

3. Decide on the length of the program. Depending on the depth of your programs, you can design monthly or comprehensive programs that can last from 3-6 months. Then, decide how often you’ll send email to your clients. Through this, you can plan your content accordingly.

4. Write your emails. In order to ensure that your clients will get your emails on time, write at least 4 in advance. Depending on what you’re trying to teach them, you can offer thorough explanation, tips list, how-to guides, offer insider tips and techniques, expert advice, etc. Aside from text, you can also use audio and videos. Just include the links where your clients can easily access them.

5. When writing your emails, ensure that they’re easy to read, easy to understand, concise, and to the point.

6. Make sure to offer at least once a month one-on-one follow-ups to ensure that your clients are making progress. You can use this for some question and answer portion, for doing case studies, and for talking about their areas of improvement. This can be done through phone or in person whichever is convenient for both you and your clients.

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