Asking The Right Kinds Of Questions

Question markIn a previous blog post, I wrote about the importance of “Asking Empowering Questions.”  I wrote about the topic in reference to personal development – self-coaching, if you will.

Questions are also important in the leadership process of influencing people.  If you are a salesperson, manager, corporate executive, public speaker – basically anyone who finds themselves in a influential position of leadership – “asking the right kinds of questions” will make a huge difference in your ability to reach higher levels of success.

Have you ever noticed that the best essays, articles, speeches, counseling sessions, etc. usually begin with a well-formed question? Let’s consider several reasons why questions are so important:

  1. Question get the attention of others and engages their mind.  They begin thinking about possible responses to the questions being asked.
  2. Questions open the person to what you are going to say next – imagining that you will offer an answer (or answers) worthy of their consideration.
  3. Questions also help keep people focused.  With so many things vying for a people’s attention, questions bring people back to the topic at hand, alleviating the impact of .  One of the important factors in the leadership-presentation process is keeping your audience engaged and limiting the influence of various kinds of interruptions.
  4. Questions also allow you to anticipate objections to what you are saying?  Once those objections are stated by you in a well thought out question, the listener’s defenses are lessoned.  This allows you to easier address and overcome those objections during your speech or sales pitch.

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