How to Use Article Marketing to Get Coaching Clients

Based on my experience, getting coaching clients isn’t easy especially for those people who are relatively new in this endeavor. Posting ads on relevant sites and even on search engines would only do little for your campaign. Why? It’s because people focus more on credentials and reputation. Unless they have proofs that you’re a good coach and that you’re one of the best in your niche, they’re not going to sign up to your programs no matter how aggressive your online advertising campaign is.

My suggestion? Invest time and energy on content based marketing solutions like article marketing. By distributing quality information online, you’ll attract your potential clients, you’ll be able to establish your expertise in your niche, and you’ll be able to generate more attention and free traffic.

Below are article marketing secrets to help you get more coaching clients:

1. Commit to give your readers nothing but the best. Being committed to making your readers happy is what will make you extremely successful in this endeavor. I wouldn’t lie about it and tell you that it’s a piece of cake because it’s not. It will require so much time and effort but I can assure you that it’s worth it. Your readers will be happy if you give them direct answers to their questions, no nonsense approach in helping them solve their problems, and if you generously share with them a piece of your expertise. Of course, you’ll need to make your articles easy to understand, engaging, and interesting. If you do all of these, I am sure your readers will be impressed. When that happens, they’ll check out your other articles and they might even share your content via social networking sites. That is something huge for your internet marketing campaign.

2. Write more articles. Publishing 2-5 articles will not cut it. If you want to make serious noise online and if you want to boost not just your page ranking but also your traffic, you must produce several high quality articles. If this is the first time you’re doing this, you can start by writing at least 5 articles per week. Once you get the hang of it, slowly increase the number of your output until you can comfortably write 3-5 per day. Yes, it’s time- consuming and it can be overwhelming but here’s the reason why I would like you to boost the number of your articles; when people search for the keywords related to your niche, you would want hundreds or even thousands of your articles to show up on search page results. Obviously, that will give you better chances of getting at least one of your articles picked up. Also, this will help you show your potential clients that you’ve got enormous information to share.

3. Distribute your articles. Reach out to more potential clients by getting your articles published on as many websites as possible. Start with article marketing directories like EzineArticles and GoArticles. Then, use your articles when you’re doing guest blogging. You can also promote them on social networking sites to get more exposure.

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